Who the f**k do I think I am?

Welcome to my first official (well third!) blog, where I publicly  declare that I will stop hiding, will be consistent and not stop this time, blogging about  what I want to say to the World.

What am I on about?

Who the f**k do I think I am?!


I first had the feelings that I have now when I started teaching yoga. Who on earth do I think I am to stand in front of people and teach them. Who am I? I know nothing. I’m not enough. On and on it went, the chatter in my mind. The ‘not enough ness’.

Luckily, my will is quite often stronger than my sub conscious!

I went to teach, my first yoga class for an international cage fighter! I loved it, I found my flow, the voice went away. How did I find myself there? My desire to teach people something so precious to me, something that helps me so much, and that others in my opinion needed to know about, overtook any fear that I had. The same when I started educating about essential oils that actually work,  my desire to share something so powerful and healing in my life won. I faced fear all the time at the start and still do, I got so uncomfortable that magic started to happen, and the number of lives I impacted and helped to change snowballed. This matters. My voice, my knowledge matters. As do we all, WE ALL MATTER.

Those feelings have come up again. Who am I to write a blog? Who wants to hear from me? Does it matter? So I started a blog and stopped, started another one and stopped.

It was fear of success, what if people see me?! Aaaaahhhhh panic, get back into hiding!


I have been told time and time again, that I inspire people. People who don’t even know my history,  look at me with a strange look and tell me I inspire them, it is like a cosmic superpower! It is a gift, I have passion, I have knowledge, I have lots of traumatic and wonderful life experiences and I actually care, like deeply care about others. The more I talk to more people, the more I get inspired. We have all done life differently, so we can all teach and we can learn something from everyone around us. You don’t need to be a yoga teacher, or an instagram influencer, just share your knowledge and experience, it is needed.


I have lots of tools and ways of looking at life. I know that if I share,  will help others. How can I not do this? It is selfish to keep so much goodness to myself. It would be so much easier to hide, to not care about other people, to not keep looking at myself and not trying to live a more vibrant and free life.  But that is just not my style! We have the most amazing planet and I want to live, like really live fully and freely on it. When I mean free, I mean free from all the crap that I have told myself and others have told me. Free from all the self limiting beliefs that swirl around my head, that I am slowly healing. Peeling back one layer at a time. When I lean into whats scary and uncomfortable, I feel alive, I feel free and I know my life will get better for those experiences.

So… I commit to sharing what  I have been through, my experiences my learnings, my teachings to let them ripple out to world .

I want to leave a legacy behind, because I will die one day. I want to leave behind people and families that have been touched by what I have learnt. To live freer, to learn  emotional intelligence, to bring their children up with emotional intelligence. For those that have met me to go through their day knowing how they are actually feeling, to take responsibility for their  feelings , for their energy, for their health. So that their chi/energy is freely  flowing, and they don’t get as many physical illnesses. That  everyone who meets them is  better for it, and so it goes on!

I want  us to realise that under the facade that we all present to the World in many different ways, we all have a heart, bones, want love and to be heard, we are all the same. We have just had different life experiences and different reactions to life. If  everyone could learn this and practise it, to stop coming from anger, hatred, fear, scarcity I believe we would be so much closer to World peace if we truly take  responsibility  for ourselves. It starts with compassion to ourselves first, something I teach about a lot, to get over the ‘not enough ness’.

So thats is where I am coming from, just a little goal…contribute to World peace! But if we all did this….wonderful things would happen.


In my head…anything is possible! Believe…always.

So off I go, call me out if I stop! I’m aiming for a post every fortnight!

Lots of love

K (Karen)


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