Community, Love, Sisterhood, Tribe, Freedom and No Nipples!

I have just come back from the most amazing trip to Bulgaria, with doTERRA. As a thank you from this beautiful company to me for sharing the oils that I love. And helping my customers to take charge of their emotional and physical health.  I was in the top 60 of the most successful essential oil educators in Europe from November 2018 to April this year. I was gifted the most amazing time away. 

We went to the Black Sea, to see Frankincense, Myrrh and Melissa being distilled, we received the most beautiful gifts. We dined at the Bulgarian Presidents palace.  Saw the heart of the company, the positive effect that doTERRA have had on the Bulgarian economy. For an essential oil geek, this is everything! 

Now, a lot of the ladies, that I was hanging with are what in the corporate world, we would term as my competitors. Not in doTERRA! We have become sisters, we are each others biggest cheerleaders, we listen, we support, we encourage, we share what we have learnt, what we are doing, we share our dreams, our hearts and love. We teach each others teams, there is no competition, only support and lifting each others up. My family has grown bigger, so has my heart.

I have shared rooms and my very precious time over the last few years with my sweet friend Madhavi from Berlin, the Irish firecracker Alison Clarke, and hung with her awesome friends, and Sara Perry my Belgium friend who lives in Fuerteventura. My time and what I do with it since coming out the other side of cancer is so very sacred to me. I will not spend it with anyone that makes me feel heavy, I will not do anything anymore that I resent. I say No. I am free. I spend my time wisely. For that,  love and health is all we have.

I spent a wonderful day talking deeply to my new friends from Lithuania, Rita and Sandra, talking about ego, letting go, cancer, autism, not having to interfere and try and fix everyone, life, suffering and joy. Rita taught me how to read faces, my neck shows I take other peoples stuff on, my big nose…a big open heart! My big eyes, mean that I don’t care about the little details. All true.

These ladies have accepted me, they hold me and my life is so much richer with them in. 

So one night, after laughing that a few of us had never skinny dipped (I had before), we noticed that it was a full moon and well…how could you not take advantage of the cleansing energy! 

We stripped, we ran into the the calm, warm waters of the black sea, we looked up at grandmother moon, we healed a little, we laughed, we cleansed, we danced, we dropped a bit more fear and walked further towards freedom.

There were about 8 of us, after, I reflected that I was the only one without nipples! The only one with a patchwork body. And…it did not matter one little bit! No one cared, I didn’t. I was free.

I will never let that hold me back, I am proud, I love my body, I surround myself with people who see the real me. It felt so so good. 

doTERRA has given me the oils which I use as you all know all day, everyday. What it has given me more than anything is community, sisterhood, laughter, more compassion, I am held now. The support I receive from all around me, above and below, has taught me to drop my guard, to soften, to receive and to love myself and others a little deeper.

If you would like to start your oily journey with me, I am here, I teach you how to  use the oils and get them into your house. I mentor you to let go of the past to take responsibility of your life, to choose the thoughts and emotions that you have. I love what I do. I will be here when the time is right for you. The Wellness Advocate that you get your doTERRA oils through becomes your guide for as long as you want them.

Sending you so much love, may you dance in this never ending rain with a smile on your face! 

(as I write this, I has been raining solidly in the UK for weeks and weeks!!)

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