Working through the ANGRY VEGAN STAGE!

I’ve withdrawn from social media apart from work for a while, because I am at the angry vegan stage. I am very aware of my feelings and aware that I need to process this to work out how to show up in this world effectively. I wanted to express them in this blog. Feeling angry is not the way to show up for anything. Being an angry vegan is not an effective way to be in the world! It alienates and doesn’t do the animals any good or my own energy! 

Picture Taken from Goalcast

I got angry years ago when I learnt about the cleaning, beauty products and perfumes that harm our bodies and yet continue to be allowed to be produced and sold to us – criminal in my eyes. I channeled the anger into action, I started a doTERRA wellness lifestyle business which I still do today and love. I started educating about this alternative and empowered way of life. I always over time manage to channel my negative emotions into teaching and action, it works for me, those are my strengths.

This will also happen with my vegan activism, I am nearly through the angry stage. I just want to say now, that this is natural, just because I am a yoga teacher and work with oils to calm me, I still have feelings! I still have thoughts that create emotions, I still have to process life! I just tend to be more self aware and process them and life relatively easily. 

So…for years I’ve been vegan and when people have shown me pork or chicken and apologised to me I’ve just shrugged and said it’s up to you what you do. I had hardened and shut off the fact that I didn’t really mean that! 

That’s changed now for a few reasons, I have revisited some films, I needed to watch them to be able to recommend them. This was really painful but I did it, I cried, I hid behind my eyes, but I needed to remember my why, why I feel like this and why those animals and the earth need more of us to speak up and get into action. There is a list at the bottom of this blog that I got from anonymousforthevoiceless also linked below. 

After rewatching those films, after seeing my children so upset about climate change and fearful for their future, after reading further into the effects of dairy and meat on our health, (again-criminal as it is being advocated by the government as a healthy lifestyle knowing that there is so much evidence to the contrary,  then the drug industry is needed to try and mop up the mess this lifestyle has not he body instead of teaching us how to prevent it. There is no money for the big businesses and government in plant based diets, but there is in animal agriculture and the pharmaceutical industry. This is in brackets as this is a whole other blog!) We have got so far removed from the responsibility we have to be on this planet and to be responsible for the health of our bodies. I feel the responsibility and desire, it’s always been deep within me to speak up for those that can’t be heard – the animals. I have just been repressing it as I used to care a little too much about what people thought. 

Over many years I have cared less and less what people think if me (I always caveat apart from friends and family, I care if my actions have hurt them in anyway). 

Now when someone apologises for eating meat or consuming dairy in front of me I do not say what I used to! You see, it actually hurts, I can feel it in my body as my mind replays all the turn of events that will have led to some one eating dead animal flesh for a few moments of satisfaction for their taste buds. When someone asks me if I miss bacon (i always hated the taste and texture of meat apart from the processed food when I didn’t know better), or eats pig flesh, I see an image of beautiful, innocent, intelligence piglets being roughly held up with one hand and their balls being ripped out with the other hand with no pain relief – yes this actually happens your dead pig flesh is full of suffering, those little piglets also have their tails cut off, again, no pain relief and quite often thats not enough suffering, some farms go on to punch holes big holes in patterns in their ears to identify them.  I won’t even go into what happens in a slaughterhouse – nothing humane.

I really care about humans and the truth too, I have studied a lot about our health and our beautiful world and climate, both of these are pressing issues as I want to keep my family safe and healthy and I want them to have a beautiful earth to live in. I take responsibility for being on this earth, for my own body, my thoughts, the legacy that I want to leave on the earth.

So not only now when someone eats meat and dairy (eggs cheese milk chocolate) in front of me am I saddened for the animals , I feel for them as well. Behind those animal products is a deep set of untruths. A government subsidising animal agriculture for money and power. This system harms the environment as much as travel (the stats are there) I won’t go into it here.

Definitely NOT the government! Picture taken from AZ Quotes

So now I am saddened for the animals the earth and  humans. I also feel deeply for the humans who treat the animals disrespectfully and with violence, I feel for the slaughterhouse workers who often have no other option for work and who get affected so negatively by doing that work. 

I want to spend a moment on the dairy industry.  The industry and government have told us to drink more milk, that it is essential for health for calcium. Did you know that it actually takes calcium out of the bones? We are not baby cows, cows milk is for baby cows, it has growth hormones in that are dangerous for our bodies and cancer causing as well as contributing to many other chronic and avoidable diseases. Dairy causes inflammation in our bodies and affects the respiratory, digestive systems and the skin. For vegetarians, did you know that the dairy industry involves more suffering and the same slaughter as the meat industry? The ideal of grass fed cows is an illusion, yes it happens in some farms, but we would need 3 and a half worlds to graze enough grass fed cows for the population, hence the creation of animal agriculture. Dairy cows don’t get killed by hand in a field, or be allowed to live out their natural life unless they are rescued. They go to the same slaughterhouses as cows raised for flesh and the dairy cows flesh goes into burgers. This is the same practise that you are against. I realised a long time ago that I had to be vegan with my ethics. 

Did you know that they get modified to produce a ridiculous amount of milk, so that their udders are in constant pain, their babies are taken away from them, they grieve and often they live in pens. Quite often the male calves are sent for veal or killed by bashing their heads agains the concrete and then chucked to the side. They are given an obscene amount of water to produce milk for us, it just doesn’t make sense. And to repeat- dairy causes cancer, do the research, it does. Did you know that milk is allowed to contain a certain amount of pus in governmental standards? Pus! Yes that white creamy liquid in your cheeses that you love so much has quite a considerable amount of pus in, as the cows have mastitis from constant milking.  I nearly forgot to add, to stop this, the cows get antibiotics that you ingest when you drink the milk meant for their babies and its products.

I no longer have patience or understanding for vegetarians who say  “cheese though… I can’t live without cheese”. There is no room for ignorance anymore, if you truly care about animals, show them,  listen to their stories that have been shown now. Animal activists risk themselves and their freedom to document what really goes on, look. Be empowered, ignorance is not an excuse anymore, are our tastebuds really more important? This actually comes down to ethics.

Have a look at what goes on and make an informed decision. It is more comfortable to be aligned and to not just keep putting those thoughts to the back of your mind, that causes dis-ease. That is why people apologise to me, they aren’t really apologising to me, I act as a mirror and they see the fact that their values and actions aren’t quite aligned. So if you catch yourself apologising to a vegan who isn’t saying anything to you, they are just being vegan catch yourself and look at a film, get empowered and educated.

Thank you for this beautiful quote

I have had to take a step back as over the last few months I am feeling so much compassion and the need to speak up so much it has been heavy.  It has been a lot, and I see and feel the suffering so much, physically at times in my heart, in my gut, in my throat, that I just want to shake people and shout wake up,  look,  align. I’m honest I have! This is the angry vegan stage! 

I  am moving  though it though, to a more graceful state. However, I will be speaking up more, I will not be quiet. 

I believe we will look back one day and be horrified that this happened we are literally killing our selves, the world ( I’ll write about his one day)  and countless innocent sentient beings.

I often feel despair for the human race, for the fact that we think we are all powerful and have dominion over all living beings. A dose of humility would be far more powerful, to live together and learn from them. We are not making such a good job of living on this planet at the moment. 

If the time is right next time someone says sorry to me for eating something I will speak up, I wont get angry, I will ask questions, I will learn what your values are and ask you to investigate as to whether they are aligned, I will teach what I know if you are open. If I tip into angry vegan call me out! I just thought it would be good to give you a glimpse into my head, to have an understanding of where I am coming from and how I feel. 

You see vegans get a bad press, I was scared of speaking up. It’s hilarious how one vegan Tesco advert has a little girl telling her daddy she basically doesn’t want to eat animals anymore. Oh my goodness, as a vegan if I was to watch the tele which I don’t often, when I do you will hear me say with the adverts toxins, toxins, toxins (in reference to all the chemical harmful products) , death, toxins, death etc almost every advert is for a toxic product or an animal product glorified with skipping happy cows or children in it . This is propaganda, we have been successfully and deeply brainwashed, the beauty and chemical industry harming our bodies with products they know are so damaging for us, and the animal industry doing the same. And they say that vegans are offensive and shoving their ideals down people’s throats! One advert – uproar against the constant desensitising harmful adverts to consume animal products. Yet people don’t see it, it’s become the norm and I acknowledge it is painful to wake up. I don’t judge myself or anyone for eating animal flesh or consuming baby cows milk or chickens periods in the past, its what we do now with knowledge that matters.  

The offensive video – really!!!
Picture taken from bright

I get deeply tired of caring so much…I am laying it all out here . To feel this depth of compassion and to care so  deeply, and feel the desire to speak up from deep within at soul level, is so emotionally exhausting, it can be all consuming. So I have to find a way to manage it, writing this will help, and I know it will help others at this stage. 

I don’t judge people for not seeing the truth, but I am saying here, I do not accept the reasons for not looking, there are none.  Ignorance is not an option. I try not to judge people who see the films and still consume them but it’s hard, I can’t see how knowing all this, seeing the truth you can still support it by buying these products which cause so much suffering for innocent beings, destroys your health and wrecks havoc on our earth. I’m working on that at the moment!

So this is where I am processing it all and working out how to show up in this world I will work it out. 

Below are some resources for education and growth. I would love to know what you think, comment, the negative and the positive, if you feel the need to troll me go ahead, it entertains me.

Bamboo Yoga Oils Life – Tread Lightly Stand Tall

Best Speech You Will Ever Hear This speech is amazing, so much logic, well worth a watch whether you are vegan or a meat eater.

How Not to Die
Dr. Michael Greger educated in how to use food for health, with evidence of how to reverse killer disease. He also has a website with tons of free education, a book and a cookbook.

A tough film undercover footage of what really goes on, a must watch get some tissues.

What the Health talks about the government and industries who want to keep us ill for £££££

This film was so inspiring and is so interesting to see how important information is kept from the public and how the government by its actions makes the population believe that exercise and diet are not enough to control blood pressure and other illnesses that they need medication – jaw dropping.

Cowspiracy A classic into whats really going on.

Earthlings We are all earthlings, such a good film. These guys and girls are amazing.

4 thoughts on “Working through the ANGRY VEGAN STAGE!

  1. Hi Karen, I have adopted a plant based diet for the past 5 months and have found the transition easy. I am working towards a vegan lifestyle and that is more of a challenge! Teenage children and friends and family are on board to a certain point. I am transitioning at home so when items run out they are replaced with vegan alternatives. This also goes for cleaning and beauty products. It feels good to educate my children and friends and hope that having the awareness of the food industry, intensive farming and the cleaning and beauty industry will help them make informed choices and be a more conscientious consumer. Hoping to find my voice as I still say its up to you when discussing my choices, I do think as Im going through this transition that will come. Thank you for voicing your thoughts xxx


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